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Paintings, acrylic, 80x80 cm.

Animated music video for Calvin Cardioid. This is probably my most popular video at the moment, because it was chosen to Vimeo Staff Channel :)
Self-printed T-shirts and pillows! For SALE!

Wedding videos:


First painting after 8 years... Acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm. This painting is for SALE!

New graphic look for Simple Express

Animated video for one of my favorite artists

My exhibition in Nokia Concerthall

All 11 posters are here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/illustrated-posters/3812307
Little animation "Paper Romance"

Little animation "No Milk Today"
Flyer design for Ana Lola Roman

First book illustrated and designed by me :)

...and already got golgen egg...

Little Dragon - Shuffle A Dream (unofficial)


Party poster

For full HD watch in Vimeo!

Party poster.

This clip is made for Kristiine shopping centre. Topic: school fashion.
Tools used: markers, watercolors, canon 5d mark II, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.
Music: Outloudz

My second music video for Shirubi Ikazuchi. Camera: Evert Palmets & Elina Kasesalu
Director / Editor: Elina Kasesalu. Editing: Premiere and After Effects


Here are some stickmans, I had to draw as different storyboards at work :)

Stop motion animation made of magazine cutouts and screen cutouts.
Music by Ana Lola Roman

My first look into fractals world. This video is made of 74-hours-rendered-fractal-pictures.
Programs used: Mandelbulb and After Effects. Music by Coudspeak (myspace.com/​cloudspeak)
You can watch it in better quality here: the cubes

Imagine businesscards.